Dr. Cecilia Teguh Ayu Sianawati,S.H, M.A

Managing Partner

Graduated from the  Faculty  of  Law  at  Parahyangan  University,  Bandung  in October,  1984.She  is  a  co-founder  of  the  firm  andcurrently  is  one  of  its  Senior Partners.Currently,  she  advises  on  all  legal  aspects  of  Indonesian  Capital Market.She is in  charge  of  the  Firm's  Capital  Market  Division  and she  has handled approximately 50 companies in Privatisation, IPO transactions  and Bonds Issues.She is registered as an Advocate at perhimpunan Advokat  Indonesia or Peradi (The Indonesia Bar Association).She holds a   license as Registered Legal Consultant issued by the Capital Market   Supervising Board No.09/STTD-KH/PM/1992 dated December 23rd, 1992.

Swanyta Gunadi, S.H


Graduated  from  the  Parahyangan  University  Law  School,  where  she  majored  in Civil   Law   in   October,   1987. Heracademic   background   provided a   strong foundation for  broaden  her  horizon  in  handling  capital  market  transactions  as well as issues related to corporate matters.She holds a license as  Registered Legal Consultant issued by the Capital Market Supervising Board No. 276/PM/STTD-KH/2000 dated January, 31st, 2000. As a capital market legal consultant, she has more than18 years of experience in handling  numerous  transactions  related  to  capital  market  i.e.  initial  public offerings,  issuing  of  convertible  bonds,  rights  issue,  strategic  sale, corporate action  of  publicly  listed  companies  related  to  conflict  of  interest,  merger  and acquisition and tender offer, etc.

Dian Parluhutan, S.H., LL.M., Ph.d.


He graduated from the Faculty of Law University of Indonesia In 2004 then he took his master's degree at Parahyangan Catholic University. He focused exclusively on European Economic Law and Foreign Trade Law by taking an LL.M degree at the Europa-Institut, Universit?t des Saarlandes. In 2015 he took doctoral degree in Faculty of Law, State University of Saint Petersburg and Doctor des Rechts, Fachbereich Rechswissenschaaft, Freie Universit?t Berlin with Dissertation on the Indirect Evidence pursuant to the German, European Union (EU) and Indonesian Competition Law. Besides working as a lawyer in this firm, he is also active as a lecturer in several prominent faculties in Indonesia. He teaches for several courses namely Competition and International Laws and International Law and International Trade Law. In 2015, He represented an Indonesian Information Technology, Polatic, at the CeBIT Germany. In 2016 and 2017 He also presented Research Project on the Energy Unbundling and Competition Law at the Ph.d Conference at University Alliance for Sustainability, Berlin and presented Research Project on the Energy Unbundling and Competition Law in Indonesia at Stiftung Umweltenergierecht, Wuzburg.


Dessy Natalita Perangin-angin, S.H.

Junior Partner


Dessy, a proud alumnus of Atma Jaya Jakarta University majoring in Business Law. With years of experience working with Jusuf Indradewa & Partners in handling numerous transactions related in capital market i.e issuing of convertible bonds and rights issue and for her  dedication and integrity, she was awarded the position of Junior Partner.